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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re

The Ile de Re sandy beaches

The bigger sandy beaches can be found on the south coast of the island (Bois-Plage, La Couarde) whilst the harbours can be found on the north coast (Saint-Martin, La Flotte, Ars).

In the far north of the island, stretching from the Phare des Baleines lighthouse to the village of Les Portes, you will find the beautiful beach of La Conche des Baleines. At the very end of the Ile de Ré, close to the golf course and the "Banc du Bûcheron" sand bank, the famous beaches by the Trousse Chemise forest hold many charms.

The untamed coast of Sainte-Marie and Saint-Clément is less busy, but a great success with shell and crab hunting. 

Last but not least, Rivedoux is the only village to boast a harbour and 2 large sandy beaches which stretch from one side of the Ile de Ré bridge to the other, to the great satisfaction of kite surfers.

Enjoy your beach !


A different beach for each village of the Ile de Re

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