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Culture and glossary of the Ile de Re

The Ile de Ré is not just beach and sunshine! Throughout the summer, music festivals, painting exhibitions, traditional and live entertainment events take place on the Ile de Ré. You won't find a calendar of activities here, just some addresses for art and culture lovers.

Our glossary will help you understand local life better and gain a better knowledge of the Ile de Ré through its own special vocabulary.

Cultural life on the Ile de Ré through the seasons

The Ile de Ré is not just about beaches and sunshine; it’s also a place with a cultural past and many historical and sometimes surprising sites to visit.
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The glossary of the Ile de Re

You are planning on spending your holidays in one of Bon Séjour en France’s holiday homes on the Ile de Re. In this glossary, we have selected villages, tourist spots or simply words that characterize particularly well the Ile de Re area, to help you better uncover the beauties of the island.
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