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Restaurants in La Couarde & in Loix

A La Couarde

Le Bordin Zinc – +33 5 46 29 86 53

If you’ve had enough of fish or if you just like good meat - excellent value for money - highly recommended

Le Taxi Brousse - +33 5 46 29 90 33

Very trendy - teenagers will love it for its outdoor pool area but expensive for what it is. Doesn’t take credit cards although you have to ask yourself why?

La Cabine de Bain - +33 5 46 29 84 26

You can sample an inventive, fine, and tasty cuisine with ocean accents. The “à la carte” menu regularly changes to constantly surprise the numerous regular guests and charm the new ones who, after exploring the area, will discover our wood terrace moored to the restaurant in the heart of the village such as a boat to the port

Le Balaou - +33 5 46 29 86 07

A few steps from the sandy beach, outside on the terrace or in the warm and welcoming dining room...,

A Loix

La Rhétaise – chez Florine & Franck Rose - +33 5 46 28 20 64

Surrounded by nature, in the middle of the salt marshes, on the road between La Couarde & Loix. A good address for tasting oysters, clams, marinated sardines & prawns. Not quite a restaurant, more a cabin with a view over the marshes, ideal for watching the sun go down. Take your bike as it is on the cycle path between La Couarde & Ars

La Route du Sel - +33 5 46 29 06 83

Located just at the foot of the small church of Loix, it is a must-go restaurant after a biking excursion. You will savour mixed salads, grilled meats, mussels and chips, oysters from Loix, seafood platter, ice-cream bowls, not to mention traditionally made buckwheat pancakes and wheat “crêpes” served at any time of the day. Quiet and family place in the shade of linden trees

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