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The Ile de Re by bike

The number 1 sport on the Ile de Ré, there is an enormous choice of cycle hire shops, especially at the southern end of the island. In the North, they are a rarer commodity. Prices are comparable from one shop to another. If you don’t know which to pick, choose the closest to your house as it makes picking up and dropping off much easier.

Download the map of the Ile de Ré’s cycle paths. Discover an exceptional network of 120km of cycle paths to scale to better help you plan your bike trip.


+33 5 46 30 19 51 – +33 6 86 63 63 71

Our n°1 partner – one of the 2 biggest hirers on the island and present in all the villages of the south of the island.


+33 5 46 29 06 09 (La Couarde) - +33 5 46 29 47 17 (Ars)

10 agencies spread out over the island – agency at La Couarde for the South et agency at Ars for the North.


+33 6 99 53 94 79

The only hire shop in Loix.