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Making the most of a rental home on the Ile de Ré: a few pointers

The number of weeks that a property rents out varies significantly and depends upon 7 esssential criteria which are the key to optimizing your letting.

The rental season on the Ile de Ré runs from April (or the beginning of the Easter holidays) to the end of October (or the end of the November half term holiday). In addition, the Christmas holidays are a possible rental period. The only down time is during the months of November, December until Christmas, January, February and part of March.

The remaining 7 months offer rental potential of up to 30 weeks. In an imperfect world which doesn’t take into account the following comments, 15 weeks can be considered a normal level of rental, less than 15 the rental potential is clearly not optimized, 20 weeks is good and above 20 excellent.

Why do some properties on the Ile de Re only manage 10 weeks rental per year while others manage 20 or more? How can we account for this difference?

1- Location

Even if the Ile de Ré as a whole is a very desirable holiday destination, not all locations on the island hold the same attraction...
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2- Size of the holiday rental

Watch out for houses that are too big and difficult to let out of season!
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3- Is the swimming pool on the Ile de Re a good investment?

A pool is a determining factor when renting a property, even on the Ile de Ré...
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4- Garage - private car park

This is a key point for 3 reasons...
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5- Garden or courtyard?

A courtyard suffices in the more attractive villages such as La Couarde, Saint-Martin or La Flotte. On the other hand...
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6- Decor & facilities

Improving the style of your holiday house is very important and does not necessarily require a major investment on your part...
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7- Rental price

Building a well adapted price list is essential and requires careful thought...
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Case study: a house in Les Portes

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