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Getting the correct insurance for your property on the Ile de Ré

When you decide to rent out your property on the Ile de Ré as a holiday home, you must make sure it is covered by the right insurance. For example, if damage is caused by a water leak, are you covered? If the holiday tenant makes a stain on your brand new linen covered sofa, who is going to pay for it?
The first obvious step of course, is to inform your insurance provider in writing that your property is going to be rented out as a holiday home and to ask to be given suitable cover for this.

The insurance of the client

So far everything is fairly simple but don’t let us forget that we are in France and something that seems straightforward at the start can rapidly become rather complicated!
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Owners’ insurance

While, as an owner who is not occupying the property which you are renting out on the Ile de Ré, you are not legally obliged to take out any insurance...
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Practical solutions

So for your linen sofa with the greasy chocolate stain, there is a lot to think about...
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