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Successful photos of your house on the Ile de Re: the key points

An Internet user who is looking for a seasonal rental on the Ile de Ré, who may be your future customer, spends an average of just 10 seconds on a holiday listing before deciding to stay on the page or continue to the next advert. The moving to a new page is called the rebound and is like a bee gathering pollen and flying from flower to flower.

If we estimate that there are more than 3000 rental ads for the Ile de Ré on the web, what is going to stop a customer from changing page and instead going further in the discovery and deeper reading of your advertisement?

Like a trailer convincing you to go see a film, photos are a major trigger giving the ‘I want that’ factor and will result in attracting the attention of your future tenant. Several studies on the subject show that the picture quality is a deciding element in choosing a vacation rental.

Just as in sports, the simple act of owning a DSLR (Digital Camera) is not enough to properly play the game.

It is not about becoming a specialist photographer or taking arty pictures but simply following some rules – often simple, with common sense and applicable with a standard DSLR– in order to improve your game so as to increase the impact of your photos and thus boost your reservations.

1 - Pay attention to the quantity

How many photos are needed to illustrate your holiday residence on the Ile de Ré? It is difficult to give a single number...
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2 - Catch their attention

If the photos are, as has already been said, the selling point of your holiday rental, the first picture is the most important...
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3 - Vary the shots

We have seen that if the quantity is important, the attractiveness of your photos also will show through their variety...
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4 - Organise your slideshow

When you invite guests for the first time, you have only one wish – to show them your beautiful home on the Ile de Ré. It would be therefore illogical to start the tour with the bike shed!
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5 - Use a tripod

There are at least 3 reasons why putting your DSLR on a tripod is a must...
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6 - Check in the viewfinder

We advise you to check the image properly using the viewfinder (live view)...
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7 - Aim for a big angle

Lenses with a focal length greater than 30-35mm are not suitable for photography of small items...
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8 - Control the light

Watch the weather forecast and plan the photo session for a fine day. This may seem obvious...
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9 - Stay ahead of the pack

Some more evolved techniques, which were previously the domain of specialists, are gradually becoming more accessible to everybody...
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Photos in context, HDR, wide-angle lens, tripod, drone, virtual tour, natural light, bracketing…
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