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4 - Organise your slideshow

When you invite guests for the first time, you have only one wish – to show them your beautiful home on the Ile de Ré. It would be therefore illogical to start the tour with the bathroom!

The pictures on your slideshow should therefore be organised in a logical order of a visit starting with the ‘stand-out’ picture that was mentioned above.

Then it is advisable to place the photos of living rooms (sitting room, dining room, TV room) then those of the kitchen and then the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The exterior photos should carefully be interspersed every 2 or 3 photos and will ease the transition between the different parts of the house.

Thus, after the fifth photo, your future tenant will already have seen two beautiful outdoor photos and three illustrating the main rooms of the house. All the odds are on your side then to make them want to continue the tour.

The contextual photo(s) will be placed, in turn, later in the slideshow.