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5 - Use a tripod

There are at least three reasons why putting your DSLR on a tripod is a must.

A High Dynamic Ranging (HDR) photo (technique described below) requires complete stillness of the camera when capturing a photo. As this is taking the same capture scene continuously to make a fusion, the slightest movement when shooting will render the photo fusion blurry and therefore unusable.

The second reason is equally important. A tripod allows you to be more precise when framing and adjusting, to be calmer and relaxed when it comes to taking the time to carefully control that all details of the scene are perfect. A tripod is a very small investment but brings a greatly added value to the photographer.

The third reason is that the tripod is invaluable for taking straight photos with horizontal lines as the frame. Taking pictures at an angle may seem artistic in certain cases but is not recommended in the area we are concerned with – holiday residences on the Ile de Ré.