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The bedding: think scalability, comfort and cleanliness


Your holiday home on the Ile de Ré must satisfy everyone's needs. If you are renting a house with four bedrooms, you could be greeting 3 couples with two children and one baby, or maybe 2 couples with four teenagers, or even 1 couple with an au pair and 5 children. Here are a few basic rules to make sure you can satisfy everyone.

Do not have too many bunk-beds in your property. Indeed, even if they allow you to save space, they are not adapted for adults. If you have three bedrooms, one with a double bed, another with twin beds and finally one with bunk-beds, how could you possibly satisfy 3 couples? 

Do not have too many pull-out beds either, they are often uncomfortable and less appreciated by adults.

Also try to avoid 140cm double beds which are often not wide enough for couples. This small detail could provent a couple who is used to sleeping in a bigger bed (180cm) from renting out your house.

Finally, try to avoid small single beds (70 com) that are too short for adults or tall teenagers.

The last detail we tend to forget is the bed-frame. Do not equip your beds with a bed-frame at the foot of the bed because of taller people. If the length of the bed is 190cm and your tenant mesures exactly 190cm, this means his feet will be touching the bed-frame... Imagine how uncomfortable that would be !

To be more concise, in a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 double beds of 160cm and 2 single beds of 80cm would be a good compromise. In a house with 4 bedrooms, make sure you have 2 double beds of 160cm and 4 singles of 80cm.


The bedding must be, above all, comfortable, but also up to the high standard of a holiday home on the Ile de ré. Your mattresses should be neither too hard nore too soft, to be able to satisfy a greater range of clients.

The comfort of the bedding is mainly due to the quality of the duvets and pillows:

  • regarding the duvets, adapt them to the climate of the Ile de Ré : neither too heavy or too light. Try to avoid duvets filled with feathers that are more expensive and more likely to provoke allergies. Also make sure to have a few extra blankets for each bed. They are quite cheap and can be replaced regularily.
  • when it comes to the pillows, don't go for the cheapest ones, but rather for better quality ones that will last longer. Finally, depending on the standard of your holiday home on the Ile de Ré, you should make sure you have two pillow per person, so 2 pillows for each single bed and 4 for each double bed.

Don't forget to equip your house for a baby as well : a cot if you have enough space or a travel-cot if you lack space. If you have a travel-cot, I advise you to also use a small mattress in it to make it more comfortable for the baby. As for a high-chair, a good idea is to get the basic Antilop one from Ikea... so easy and practicle !


Holiday homes on the Ile de Ré are not university halls! The pillows must always be clean, without any stains and must be changed as often as needed. Renting a villa on the Ile de Ré with dirty or worn out pillows is just not acceptable today.

Duvets must also be washed at least once a year. It is better to equip your beds with duvets rather than blankets. Duvets are protected with duvet covers whereas blankets are used without any protection which is obviously less hygienic.

And finally, don't forget that mattresses and pillows must absolutely be protected by clean covers. We advise you to use good covers made out of coton and with a waterproof layer to them. Throw-away covers or plastic covers are unacceptable.