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The pool of your holiday rental on the Ile de Re: some precautions to take

Temperature of the water

If the pool is heated, make sure you don't tell your tenants that the pool is defenitely heated in October and in April. A lot of people are under the impression that it's as easy to heat a pool as it is to heat a bath. However, if someone books in January for a week in April, beware of what you promise them regarding the pool : the weather is unpredictable that far in advance. If in April the weather is cold during the night and rainy during the daytime, you won't be able to heat your pool up to 27°c (minimum temperature of a pool in April), and you will then have to cope with your tenant's disappointment when they arrive. In order to avoid this tricky scenario, here are three useful tips :

  • for stays beginning before may, don't commit to anything
  • be precise about the temperature : if for your tenant "heated" means 30°C whereas for you it means 25°C, you will have to deal with a disappointment or even worse... a conflict !
  • take some useful precautions by pointing out on the contract informations like : for bookings in April and in October, our commitment to provide a pool heated to 27°C will depend on the weather.


Trusting a skilled worker with the maintenance of your pool during the holiday season is fundamental : the maintenance of your pool can't be put in the hands of an amateur handy-man ! Breakdowns happen regularily (quality of the water, heating system, cover...) and the work of a professionnal is needed at least once a week in order to guarantee that the pool works properly throughout the season.

The pool house

The pool house must not be accessible to the tenants because it isn't their job to look after the pool. You must therefore lock it and make sure the switch that opens and closes the pool is located outside the pool house.

The controle of the heat pump must not be accessible to the tenants. Indeed, the tenants must not be able to adjust the temperature of the pool depending on their personal preferences. You must therefore place the controle box of the heat pump in a safe and hidden place (inside the pool house for example).


If the pool is equipped with spot lights that light up during the night, we advise you to switch them off completely when you are renting your house. Indeed, this type of lighting uses up a lot of energy especially when your tenants forget to switch them off during the daytime... A less radical solution can be to use a timer that will automatically switch off the lights after a certain amount of time (2 hours for example).


Finally, I will conclude with the security of your pool that can be insured by 3 diffrent systems: alarm, cover or fence.

  • the fence is by far the safest of safety equipements as long as it is up to the safety standards. But the fence has two disadvantages: people who are very focused on the design of their garden will see it as a drawback, and the fence, unlike the cover, doesn't maintain the pool at a certain temperature.
  • the electric cover gives your pool maximum security and helps to keep the water at a good tempaerature. Depending on your budget, the cover can be outside the pool (less expensive) or hidden inside the pool (more aesthetic solution).
  • in any case, avoid souple covers and complicated alarms that are less reliable.