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7 - Aim for a big angle

Lenses with a focal length greater than 30-35mm are not suitable for photography of small items. If you take a photo of a bedroom, you will see the bed and nothing else. If you take a picture of a bathroom, you will zoom in on a basin but the visitor will not have a global view of the room. This kind of photo is useless for your holiday rental and may even be detrimental because you are neither a bed or bathroom vendor!

A wide-angle lens provides a wider area to your scene even when you are restricted by lack of space. It therefore gives depth to your staging. However, do not fall into the opposite extreme by automatically using objects with super wide angle or "fisheye" modes. Indeed, even if such equipment can make your photography artistic when used properly, they will give a distorted view of reality. This kind of cliché may instead scare rather than impress or reassure potential tenants.