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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re


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2- Size of the holiday rental

2, 3, 4 or more bedrooms, that is the question! 3 bedrooms is the perfect compromise. Ideal in the summer for a family with 2 or 3 children but also out of season for a couple travelling alone or with a baby, who don’t mind renting a house with a bit more space but who would veto a bigger property with too much room that they just wouldn’t use.
Watch out for houses that are too big and difficult to let out of season!

When it’s a question of letting your house, an oversized property means oversized facilities and a house that goes beyond the usual expectations of the majority of potential clients.

Let’s just take the example of a house with 5 bedrooms for 10 people. The “normal” expectations for a client on the Ile de Ré for this type of house would be 200m² of living space (5 bedrooms of 20m² and 100m² of reception and other rooms) with a 500m² garden. If your house has 300m² of living space and a 1000m² garden, the additional living and garden space would be classified by the majority of potential clients as useless luxury, while for you it represents a significant additional investment with no corresponding return.

Our advice would therefore be: between investing in a château and investing in several houses, put your money on the houses!

Our solution for large holiday rentals on the Ile de Re

If your house sleeps 10 (or more), our advice, outside the Peak Season, is to reduce the capacity of the house by closing some bedrooms (for example 2 bedrooms if your house sleeps 10) in order to offer the kind of price associated with a smaller house. This way, in lower seasons, your house would have 2 prices and our website manages this function such as your house appears with a reduced price out of the peak season if the number of guests are up to 6 but appears with the same price (high price) in the peak season whatever the number of guests (cf the example of the house "Atlantic" in our portfolio.