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6- Decor & facilities

Style is very important. Take the example of 2 identical houses (same location, same living space, same size garden, same number of bedrooms and same rent) whose only differentiating factor is the style and quality of their interior design. This simple factor will make a vast difference to the number of weeks rented. Clients look for a simple, uncluttered style, houses that don’t have the stamp of their owner on them nor too much furniture and ornaments.

In addition, certain « luxury » items have almost become standard and contribute to a better quality rental property for a minimum investment on your part. Here are a few examples:

  • a DVD player with flat screen television of a size corresponding to the sleeping capacity of the house. An old-style TV or one that’s too small is no longer acceptable (even on the Ile de Ré),
  • wifi internet access. A lot of clients will refuse to rent your house if it doesn’t have internet (after all, what are all those teenagers going to do without Facebook?),
  • modern equipment like an iPod dock or a Nespresso coffee maker will give your house an up-market image.

It might sound obvious but the quality and cleanliness of the bedding (mattresses, pillows and duvets) must be beyond reproach. Pillows in particular should be replaced regularly.

Finally, the garden equipment is important. Our clients, mainly city dwellers, come to the Ile de Ré to spend time outside. As a result, they pay attention to the quality of the garden furniture such as the barbecue or the sun loungers. It’s no longer enough to simply equip your outside space with deck chairs.

To summarize, improving the style of a house does not necessarily require a major investment on your part : it’s often enough to repaint a bedroom wall in a warm colour, remove old furniture and add a few bits of modern machinery to make your house on the Ile de Re comfortable and welcoming. The return on investment won’t be long in coming. Just think about it!