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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re


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7- Rental price

Building a well adapted price list is essential and requires careful thought.

Here are a few common-sense pointers:

  • you can’t rent out anything at any price, even on the Ile de Ré! If your rent is too high, you’ll be full between July 14 and August 15 when there are more than 200 000 people on the island. However, you’ll have difficulty renting out other periods,
  • you should ensure you have at least 3 pricing periods in order to make a clear distinction between the high season (mid July to end of August), the mid season (April, May, June, early July, September, October) and the low season (all other periods),
  • make sure you have a big enough price difference between each season. There’s no point in defining 2 different seasons if there’s only a 5% price difference between the two! We advise a 50% price difference between a low and a high season,
  • take your time to benchmark. Take a look at different holiday let internet sites or ask advice from a specialist like Bon Séjour en France to help you put together a coherent price list that corresponds to the Ré market and to other properties similar to your own.