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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re


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1 - Pay attention to the quantity

How many photos are needed to illustrate your holiday residence on the Ile de Ré? It is difficult to give a single number as this figure varies depending on the size of the accommodation for rent. If you have a studio in the port of Saint Martin or a 600m² villa with a 5000m² garden in Trousse-Chemise, the amount of pictures to illustrate your ad will obviously not be the same! In any case, too small a number of photos risks being suspicious and it is becoming the case more and more each year that ad websites regularly increase the maximum number of pictures that can be posted.

For a small house or apartment, around ten photos seems right. For large villas on the Ile de Ré, twenty pictures will be required to provide a sufficient overview. For example, on our website, smaller residences (1-2 bedrooms) are illustrated with 12 photos, average size houses (3-4 bedrooms) with 15 photos and larger holiday rentals with 18 photos.

It is not about uploading numerous photos to break records. Whatever the number, each photo must be of good quality and should provide new information that the previous photos do not give. In all cases, beyond 20 photos you risk being dismissed and becoming boring.

If the quantity is important to give a complete picture of your rent, the amount cannot, however, compensate for the quality. It is always better to post some of very good quality – to fill the gap – than many images too quickly and the quality is questionable.