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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re


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2 - Catch their attention

If the photos are, as has already been said, the selling point of your holiday rental, the first picture is the most important because it is that which, on most ad sites, will appear first and sometimes solely on the search results page.

This first photo is the “pitch” of your property on the Ile de Ré or the “stand-out” element that must tempt the searcher to go further. It must be of excellent quality, which is obvious. However, beyond this normality I offer two tips:

  1. Unless your home has no outside, choose an outside shot that gives from the start a more universal view of your residence. Do not forget that a tenant on the Ile de Ré, who is often a city dweller, wants especially to live outside to make the most of the fresh air of the Ile de Ré.
  2. Choose a landscape photo (more wide than tall) rather than one in portrait format. The landscape format is better suited to this type of shot and also, the majority of ad sites are generally designed to present this first photo in landscape format.