Our selection of restaurants on the Ile de Re

Restaurants in Rivedoux & in Sainte-Marie


Chez Ré Monde – 05 46 01 32 76
A very french style for this restaurant between the restaurant & the “bistrot”. Good atmosphere and more a place to go with friends or with your family than for a romance!

Le M – 05 46 35 39 44
Good cuisine with a direct view over the port & terrace by the sea

La Chaloupe – 05 46 09 87 84
A bistro style restaurant with terrace by the sea and great music


Chai Pépette – 05 46 30 03 55
A very French bistrot on the main square in Sainte-Marie (place d’Antioche) – recommended for meat lovers

L’Atalante – 05 46 30 22 44
the restaurant for the Sainte-Marie sea water treatment centre – you don’t necessarily think of it when looking for a restaurant but it’s very professional and very good. Looking out onto the sea, you can then walk your meal off on the beach.

Le Bistrot du Bar à Quai – 05 46 28 64 36
The new restaurant at La Noue. Very nice cocktails…

Les Tilleuls – 05 46 30 02 76
On the main square of the village (place des Tilleuls) pizza – crêperie where you can eat for less than €20 – lovely decor and ideal with children. Good takeaway pizzas too

Restaurants in La Flotte

L’ECAILLER– 05 46 09 56 40

On the port – for fish lovers – you’re made to feel welcome but it’s a little expensive. Good for a romantic dinner.

LES PIEDS DANS L’EAU– 05 46 09 45 68
On the seafront. Good for eating with children

L’ENDROIT DU GOINFRE– 05 46 09 50 01
Right next to the port, hamburgers with a french touch, fresh fish, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere

SUSHI FOLIE– 05 46 01 98 37
A nice little place, just behind the port. Indoor and outdoor seating, very quiet, relaxed with friendly service. Really worth a go for a sushi-fix on holiday.

Restaurants in Bois-Plage

L’OCÉAN – 05 46 09 23 07
Not too basic and not too sophisticated, but just right. Anne & Frédéric are professionals

LES Q SALÉS – 05 46 66 59 13
In the centre of the village, near the summer market, this new bar / restaurant has rapidly become the place to go. You can just have a drink or eat fresh produce, in a relax al fresco atmosphere! There are concerts some evevings

AUX GRILLADES DO RÉ – 05 46 00 84 15
A small friendly restaurant. We really like the location just next to the delightful sandy beach and we recommend the Portuguese grilled chicken

Restaurants in Saint-Martin de Ré

Apart from the Bistrot du Marin which is a bit of an institution, it’s not easy to recommend a restaurant on the port as it has grown, over three decades, into a sort of great big canteen. All the restaurants stand side by side.


Very busy restaurant, you’re there to be seen but also to eat good red meat. Why no telephone
number? Because you can’t book so there’s no point in calling. Great atmosphere.

LA BALEINE BLEUE – 05 46 09 03 30

Cordon bleu cuisine guaranteed. Lovely terraces right in the heart of the
port of Saint-Martin. Best to reserve, especially for dinner. La Baleine is also known for its festive evenings around the bar, from 11pm to 2am.

LE TOUT DU CRU – 09 52 90 60 00

Oysters, charcuterie and cheeses, washed down (or not) with a good vintage wine. To sample with friends in a warm, relaxed atmosphere and unexpected décor! Directly on the port de Saint-Martin

LA CABANAJAM – 05 46 66 45 89

Oyster tasting, straight from the oyster farmer in a “cabin” overlooking the sea. It is easy to get to by bike, along the cycle path between Saint-Martin & La Couarde)

L’AUBERGE PAYSANNE DE LA MER  – 06 83 08 20 38

Next to La Cabanajam (see above) in an area named Le Vert Clos, overlooking the sea, oyster and sea food tasting, directly produced by the oyster farmer owner (exactly the same type of address as La Cabanajam).

Restaurants in La Couarde & in Loix 


Le Bordin Zinc – 05 46 29 86 53

If you’ve had enough of fish or if you just like good meat – excellent value for money – highly recommended

Le Taxis Brousse – 05 46 29 90 33

Very trendy – teenagers will love it for its outdoor pool area but expensive for what it is. Doesn’t take credit cards although you have to ask yourself why?

Le Balaou – 05 46 29 86 07

A few steps from the sandy beach, outside on the terrace or in the warm and welcoming dining room…,

La Cabine de Bain – 05 46 29 84 26

You can sample an inventive, fine, and tasty cuisine with ocean accents. The “à la carte” menu regularly changes to constantly surprise the numerous regular guests and charm the new ones who, after exploring the area, will discover our wood terrace moored to the restaurant in the heart of the village such as a boat to the port


La Rhétaise – chez Florine & Franck Rose – 05 46 28 20 64

Surrounded by nature, in the middle of the salt marshes, on the road between La Couarde & Loix. A good address for tasting oysters, clams, marinated sardines & prawns. Not quite a restaurant, more a cabin with a view over the marshes, ideal for watching the sun go down. Take your bike as it is on the cycle path between La Couarde & Ars

La Route du Sel – 05 46 29 06 83

Located just at the foot of the small church of Loix, it is a must-go restaurant after a biking excursion. You will savour mixed salads, grilled meats, mussels and chips, oysters from Loix, seafood platter, ice-cream bowls, not to mention traditionally made buckwheat pancakes and wheat “crêpes” served at any time of the day. Quiet and family place in the shade of linden trees

Restaurants in Ars

LE K’RÉ D’ARS – 05 46 29 94 94

On the port of Ars, traditional French food (fish and meat)

LE CAFÉ DU COMMERCE – 05 46 29 41 57

For lunch or dinner, this place is a must. On the port in Ars

Ô DE MER – 05 46 29 23 33

5, rue Thiers, next to the church. A gourmet restaurant a few steps from the famous church of Ars

LE GRENIER À SEL – 05 46 29 08 62

20 rue de la Baie, a stone’s throw away from the port. Renowned for its Franco Asian cuisine

AUX FRÈRES DE LA CÔTE – 05 46 29 04 54

For a lunch on the beach. A down to earth decor. Good with children who can go and play on the beach if the meal goes on and on

LE 20 – 05 46 29 69 52

A wine bar with simple but inventive cuisine amidst a colourful junk shop style decor. It has a good atmosphere but is unfortunately located on the main road to Les Portes

LA CABANE DU FIER – 05 46 29 64 84

Looks out onto the salt marshes, an ideal place for a romantic evening meal

Restaurants in Saint-Clément & in Les Portes en Re 


La Cabane – 05 46 42 26 91

Restaurant located at the foot of the Phare des Baleines. Lovers of good cuisine, Dominique & Evariste make the real mussel dish: «éclade de moules de Bouchot». The decor is fairly basic but you eat well and in a friendly atmosphere. In other words, it’s not just for tourists

Palace Epicerie – 05 46 29 29 93

For a drink, tasting oysters and sea food with friends and a glass of white


Le Chasse Marée – 05 46 29 52 03

The unmissable restaurant on the main square of the village (must be booked in advance)

La Cabane de la Patache – 05 46 31 38 22

Superb location, literally a few steps from the sea. Perfect for children. Go for the 7.30pm sitting then you can catch the sunset!

La Bazenne – 05 46 29 52 20

On the Place de la Liberté, the “historical” bar of the village, put it on your “to do list”

And if you prefer eating in!

Mangez-moi – Véronique au 05 46 67 80 82

You don’t feel like going out but you don’t feel like cooking. The solution? Have Véronique Chauvet deliver gourmet meals to your house. This year, Véronique will be opening a take-away shop in Bois-Plage.

La Tart’entière – 05 16 85 49 85

A must. High quality ingredients for this excellent take-away servive. For only 15€, tasty pies and tarts. In La Flotte, at La Croix Michaud zone.

Les Petits Réthais – Traiteur – Pâtissier – 05 46 35 60 14

23, av du général de Gaulle in Saint-Martin, next to the supermarket Leclerc. A useful address if want to eat restaurant-quality meals at home. Around €30 per person (starter – main course – dessert).

cuisineREvous, chef de cuisine à domicile – 06 88 85 59 56

Why don’t you get a head chef to come at home, for a gastronomic lunch or dinner? Anthony Martelliere takes care of everything, from the market to the dish, by cooking at your holiday home, in front of you. Different menus on www.cuisinerevous.com.