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9 - Stay ahead of the pack

Some more evolved techniques, which were previously the domain of specialists, are gradually becoming more accessible to everybody. Certain of them are gimmicks, but there are two more, which can help you show your rental property on the Ile de Ré to better advantage.

If your property stretches over a big garden, which is often the case on the Ile de Ré where mainly single storey properties are allowed, an aerial photo taken from a drone or using a cherry picker, is a real bonus. With a single photo, the client has a view of everything, so he can understand, at a glance, the layout of the house, outbuildings and grounds.

A 360° virtual tour allows you to visualize a panorama from all the photos together in an interactive fashion. As opposed to a photo where the client is passive, he becomes active and can, thanks to his mouse, interact, turning the panorama horizontally (360°) ground to ceiling or sky, then passing into another room or into the garden. By total immersion in your holiday let, your client can imagine that he is actually there.

This virtual tour is an additional tool, not an alternative to photos, as long as the shots are of good quality. In other words, the idea is not to rely on the virtual tour come what may, but to use this technology to give the visitor an additional means of discovering and appreciating your seasonal let on the Ile de Ré.