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Exclusive villas to rent on the Ile de Re


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5- Garden or courtyard?

A courtyard suffices in the more attractive villages such as La Couarde, Saint-Martin or La Flotte. On the other hand, in Rivedoux-Plage, Saint-Clément-des-Baleines or Sainte-Marie-de-Ré, a courtyard isn’t enough and the lack of a garden may even become a serious stumbling block for potential clients. In all cases, you shouldn’t invest in property which has neither garden nor courtyard, whatever the village.

Another determining factor is the ratio between Living Space (LS) and Outside Space (OS) such as a garden, courtyard, terrace or patio. We recommend a ratio OS/LS of at least 1 for investment properties on the Ile de Ré, i.e. if a house has 200m² of living space, it should have a garden of at least 200m². Beware of investments where the OS/LS ratio is low.

Go for a small house with a big garden rather than a big house with a small courtyard.