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3 - Vary the shots

We have seen that if the quantity is important, the attractiveness of your photos also will show through their variety.

A two thirds / one third split is definitely a good contrast, that is to say two thirds interior photos to present the living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms and one third outside photos for the garden, the façade, the terrace or the pool.

If the majority of the photos must be descriptive as a general photo of the room to know that there is a large sofa or fireplace, it is wise to also include 1 or 2 mood photos to give a general impression of the style and spirit of your residence on the Ile de Ré. These are often pictures with close-ups to visualize a detail in the interior decoration that will give all together a more artistic touch than a simple descriptive photo.

If your villa is set in a beautiful garden, your slideshow could be decorated with an evening or night shot that, with thoughtful lighting, will make sense and give the visitors an additional chance to imagine themself on holiday on the Ile de Ré.

Adding 1 or 2 contextual shots is a good idea. This allows you to visualise your holiday rental in a more global context. It may be for example a picture of the nearest beach, of the market that is within walking distance or the lively village square. In this case, it is advisable to caption the photo precisely to show that this is not a photo taken at random from the Internet but a personal photo with a close link with your accommodation. If you take a beach photo, the caption could be the following “la plage du Petit Bec situated 850 metres from the house – photo taken in April 2014”. Be careful not to overdo this and present too many contextual photos at the expense of the photos of your residence. This may seem suspicious and do not forget that you are not the village Tourist office!